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Science and Technology websites.
Earth and Space Science
EdHeads Weather
Breaking News (Weathering) Tutorial
Rock Cycle Interactive
As the Earth Turns (day and night) Tutorial
Label the Planets
Magic School Bus Space Chase
How Rocks are Formed
Rivers and Coasts
Limestone Erosion Video (Discovery Channel)
Erosion Games
More Erosion Games
Rock Around the Park
Lunar Cycle Challenge
Engaging Science - Space Center It's Just a Phase

Life Science
Where Did It Come From?
How Do Animals Prepare for Winter?
Animals on Defense
Classifying Critters
Touch of Class
Staying Alive
Color and Camouflage
Seeing Through Camouflage
Chameleon Rescue
Salmon Find Your Way
Save the Egg
Bird Beak Adaptations
Bird Feet Adaptations
Camel Adaptations
How Plants Prepare for Winter
Parts is Parts Web Quest
Gamequarium Plants Activities
Who Wants to Be a Plant Parts Millionaire?
The Watershed Game
Physical Science